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Issuance of Certificates

As for request for issuance of certificates such as certificate of completion and academic transcript, please request to the Academic Affairs Division, Graduate School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Building.
You can request at Front Desk of the Academic Affairs Division in person or by mail. You may not request it by E-mail, FAX, or telephone.

  • * In connection with the enforcement of the Law Relating to the Protection of Personal Information Retained by Independent Administrative Institutions, you are required to show your identification card to request a certificate (for personal identification) or submit your authorization letter (in case you request someone to apply or receive the certificate on your behalf).
  • * Please note that the certificate will be issued in your name which was registered during your enrollment even if your family name has changed after graduation.

1.Application in person

Fill in the required information on the Certificate Request Form. Show your identification card at the Front Desk. If your family name has changed after graduation or withdrawal, show a copy of an extract of the family register or the like that can truly certify the change of your family name.

2.Application by mail

Complete the Certificate Request Form or any form that includes the following items. Enclose a self-addressed postal-stamped envelope and a copy of identification card along with the Certificate Request Form and send to the following address. When sending the certificate to you, the copy of the identification card will be enclosed and returned to you.

○ Mailing Address:

To: Academic Affairs Division, Graduate School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Building, Niigata University, 8050 Ikarashi 2-no-cho, Nishi-Ku, Niigata City, Niigata 950-2181

○Information to be included

  • (1) Month/Year of Program Completion
  • (2) Program you completed
  • (3) Student ID No. (it may be omitted if unknown)
  • (4) Name
    * 1. Those who changed the last name after graduation should also write the name during enrollment.
    * 2. If you need a certificate in English, write your name together with your name in English.
  • (5) Date of Birth
  • (6) Kind of Certificate you need
  • (7) Number of Certificate copies you need
  • (8) For what you need (Ex.: For employment; For acquisition of a qualification, etc.)
  • (9) Contact information (current address and Phone number, etc.)

* We may in some cases need to ask you about the information on your requested certificate. Be sure to write a phone number at which we can contact you during the daytime on weekdays.

○Identification card

Driver's License, Passport, Health Insurance Card, or other personal identification issued by an official public institution
In addition to the identification as stated above, an evidence that can truly certify the change of your family name, if your family name has changed after graduation or withdrawal (an extract of the family register, etc.).

○A return envelope

Affix postal stamps to the Return Envelope and explicitly write it with the name, address (current address specified on your identification card), and postal code.

○Postage (postal stamp fee for return envelope)

Regular envelope (nagagata #3, 120×235 mm): 84 yen up to 25 g; 94 yen up to 50 g
Large envelope for A4 (kakugata #2, 240×332 mm): 120 yen up to 50 g; 140 yen up to 100 g

○ Reference (estimated postal stamp fee for return envelope)

Kind of Certificates Number of copies you need Postage Envelope size
Certificate of Completion 1 to 3 84 yen Regular envelope (nagagata #3, 120×235 mm)
4 to 9 94 yen
Certificate of Achievement
(in tightly sealed envelope)
1 to 2 84 yen Regular envelope (nagagata #3)
3 to 4 120 yen Regular envelope (kakugata #2)
Certificate of Achievement / Certificate of Completion
(in tightly sealed envelope )
1 to 2 94 yen Regular envelope (nagagata #3)
3 to 5 140 yen Regular envelope (kakugata #2)

*1: In case you need express delivery, please put a stamp for the sum of the express delivery charge (290 yen) in addition to the postage shown above.

*2: In case you need more number of copies, please inquire to the office.

3. Others

(1)Power of attorney (in case of proxy application)

In case of proxy application, a power of attorney (PDF: 49KB)and an Identification card of proxy are required in addition to the applicant's identification card. Please note that the signature and seal stamping of the applicant himself/herself shall be put on the document.


No charge required.

(3)Preparation days

Both in the cases of application in person and by mailing, approximately three days are required to issue the document, (about a week might be necessary before you receive in case of ordinary mail go back).

In case of documents in English, approximately two weeks are required before you receive.

Especially in March and in April, heavy congestion is expected, so earlier submission of your application is recommended.

*With regard to the “Certificates related to achievements”, approximately twenty days are required to prepare, and thus your application shall be made in 20 days prior or earlier. (in case of application by mail, please ensure that your application shall be received in 20 days prior or earlier)
In the case of special certifications to be made on any of your specified forms, more days are expected to prepare. Your preliminary made inquiry is highly recommended for such cases.

(4)Reception hours at the window

From Monday through Friday (except End year/New year holidays) AM8:30 – PM5:15

(5)Notice about personal information

We do not use your personal information shown in the documents to be submitted for any other purposes than issuing a certificate.