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Degree Conferral Master’s Degree Program: Steps for Degree Completion

Master’s Degree Program

In addition to the courses (optional subjects), Master’s Degree Program offers compulsory subjects that include Introduction to Research, Research Project I, Research Project II, Research Project III, and General Seminar.
In addition, academic credits of foundation courses earned at Internship or other graduate school and other academic credits earned before your admission (if recognized to be effective for research) will be accepted.
Students will obtain 30 or more academic credits in the curriculum putting emphasis on learning specialized academic skills.

「Introduction to Research」
Courses aimed at acquiring research ethics, research etiquette, and thesis writing for research papers and thesis, and in which multiple faculty members are in charge of content that is common and important to graduate students or researchers
「Research Project I」
Basic courses for techniques and manners for writing a Master's Thesis
「Research Project II and Research Project III」
Individual guidance by the principal supervisor for writing a Master's Thesis
「General Seminar」
Through sessions of presentation of a research project by students and questions and answers with the faculty members of the Major they belong to and other students, it cultivates the diverse and incorporated thinking ability beyond their own specialized research area that helps enhance the quality of their Master's Thesis.
「Thesis Writing」
Thesis Writing Plan should be submitted during the first semester of the second year. After getting qualified in the Evaluation for Thesis Writing Qualification, the Thesis should be submitted.
Thesis and Oral Examination are held to determine whether the student has an ability meeting the degree. Then, Master's degree will be awarded upon the students who are judged to have “passed".
* For the types of degrees to be awarded, please refer to the pages of introduction of each Major.