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Degree Conferral Doctoral Degree Program: Steps for Degree Completion

Doctoral Degree Program

In addition to the courses (optional subjects), Doctoral Degree Program offers compulsory subjects that include Specific Research I, Specific Research II, Specific Research III, and General Seminar, for the purpose of allowing students to acquire specialized academic skills.

「Specific Research I, Specific Research II, and Specific Research III」
Students should participate in the Joint Research Project (a small research group consisting of the faculty members and students) organized by the faculty members of the Graduate School and progress the preparation for writing a Doctoral Thesis.
「General Seminar」
Through sessions of presentation of a research project by students in front of the faculty members and other students and questions and answers with them, students can enhance the quality of their doctoral thesis.
Students regularly report the progress of their research project as a Portfolio that will be read by the faculty members of each Major when reported. This Portfolio system is positively used to allow all the faculty members of the Major to which the student belongs to take part in the research guidance for further enhancement of interdisciplinary research guidance.
「Thesis Presentation」
In addition, the Graduate School positively encourages students to present their thesis onto academic journals and academic reports to support them to write their Doctoral Thesis. As one of them, the Graduate School publishes academic journal "Research on Modern Society and Culture" twice a year for the opportunity for students to present their thesis.
「Thesis Writing」
Step 1: Submit an "Application Form for Evaluation for Thesis Submission Qualification" during the first semester of the third year. Based on it, The research ability and academic skills of the applicant are examined by Oral Examination and Written Examination. If the applicant has been judged as Passed, the applicant is awarded with a Ph.D. Candidate qualified to submit a thesis.
Step 2: Each student should submit a Doctoral Thesis Proposal and consult with his or her Advisory Committee.
Step 3: Each student should complete the Thesis and submit it.
Thesis review and Oral Examination are conducted to determine whether the student has an academic ability meeting the degree. Doctoral degree will be awarded upon the students who are judged to have “Passed".
* For the types of degrees to be awarded, please refer to the pages of introduction of each Major.